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Class A --- Generalities

Dictionaries, concordances, other general works

[Also for bibliographies, encyclopaedic works, serial publications covering all subjects, journalism, library issues, and museum issues.]
Class B --- F. M. Alexander

[Chronological order. Include annotated works in B.20-B.60]

B.10             Generally on Alexander’s writings
B.20             Published articles, booklets, flyers, letters
B.30             Books

B.33   Man's Supreme Inheritance (1910) and MSI Addenda (1911)
B.34   Conscious Control (1912)
B.35   Man's Supreme Inheritance (1918)
B.36   Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual (1923)
B.37   The Use of the Self (1932)
B.38   The Universal Constant in Living (1941)
B.39   Other [later compilations, e.g. Articles and Lectures]

B.40             Talks
B.50             Private letters
B.60             Other
B.80             Commentaries and examinations of the writings of F. M. Alexander

B.82   Reading Alexander
B.83   Notes and commentaries
B.84   Annotatations
B.85   Thematic examinations
B.86   Appreciations and criticisms
B.88   Textual analysis (word usage, lexical and syntactic analysis, language)

B.90             Miscellany

Class C : Introducing the Technique in general

[Class here introductory material not relating to any specific issues] (chronological order)

C.30             Newspaper- and magazine articles and articles in books (according to country of publication)

[Minimum 150 words introduction – without contact details, cases stories, other therapies, talk, etc. Class in O. for less than 150 words.]

C.32   International
C.33   United Kingdom and Ireland

C.33.30   United Kingdom

[Reserve for future use: C.33.40 England, C.33.50 Wales, C.33.60 Scotland, C.33.70 Northern Ireland, C.33.80 Other territories]

C.33.90   Ireland
C.34   European (except UK and Ireland)
C.35   America

C.35.30   USA

C.36   Middle East
C.37   African
C.38   Asia

C.38.70   South Asia: Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

C.39   Oceania (Australian and New Zealand, etc.)

C.39.30   Australia

C.40             Flyers and booklets

[Class here booklets and flyers with the aim of describing or otherwise introducing the Technique. Class flyers of advertisement character only under R. – Advertisiment flyers/booklets are for the purpose of selling a specific course and typically describe the contents of the course. Introductory flyers/booklets introduce the Technique in general as they are mostly aimed at making people come for lessons.]

C.42  International

C.43   United Kingdom and Ireland

C.43.30   United Kingdom

C.43.33              Flyers and booklets by societies
C.43.34              Flyers by teachers
C.43.35              Booklets by teachers
C.43.39              Other (include unpublished MS for flyers and booklets)

C.44   European (except UK and Ireland)
C.45   America

C.45.30   USA

C.45.33              Flyers and booklets by societies
C.45.34              Flyers by teachers
C.45.35              Booklets by teachers

C.49   Oceania (Australian and New Zealand, etc.)

C.50             Books
C.60             Other

C.62   International
C.63   United Kingdom and Ireland

C.63.40   Published letters
[“Published letters” are letters intended for publication. It does not include private letters which are later published.]

C.63.50   Lectures, speeches
C.63.60   Extracts from various sources
C.63.80   Unpublished MS (e.g. introductory articles and flyers)

C.64   European (except UK and Ireland)
C.65   America

C.65.30   USA

C.65.34              Published letters
C.65.35              Lectures, speeches
C.65.36              Extracts from various sources
C.65.37              Unpublished MS for introductory articles and flyers

C.66   Middle East
C.67   African
C.68   Asia
C.69   Oceania (Australian and New Zealand, etc.)

C.69.30   Australia

C.70             Electronic media: tapes, CDs, DVDs, websites

C.72   International
C.73   United Kingdom and Ireland
C.74   European (except UK and Ireland)
C.75   America
C.75.30   USA
C.76   Middle East
C.77   African
C.78   Asia
C.79   Oceania (Australian and New Zealand, etc.)
C.79.30   Australia

C.80             Radio, television, etc.

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