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Other resources for research
Most local libraries only keep recently published introductory books to the Alexander Technique. However, a copy of every book published are deposited with the national library in most countries. Articles in academic journals are kept by many university libraries and other specialised libraries. Collections of private papers of famous people often end up with university libraries or museums. Please check visitor's policy with each institution. This is only a selection and a suggestion for other avenues of research.

The British Library
The British Library (London), contain over 150 million items. It keeps a copy of every publication produced in the UK and Ireland.

Tthe following libraries also keep large holdings: the Bodleian Library (Oxford), the University Library (Cambridge), the National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh), the Library of Trinity College (Dublin), and the National Library of Wales (Aberystwyth).

The Wellcome Library
The Wellcome Library at the Wellcome Trust (London), is one of the largest medical libraries in the world.

National Archives
The National Archives of the United Kingdom is a gateway for archives. It contains Family History resources, Military History archives, and the National Register of Archives - NRA - (maintained by the Historical Manuscripts Commission). The NRA contains 44,000 lists and catalogues that describe archives and archival holdings in the UK.

Suggest other resources
To suggest other resources of relevance please email the archivist.

Websites which contain a selection of articles
Many internet sites on the Alexander Technique contain introductory articles on the Technique. Here is only listed a selection of the few sites which contain historical or more specific articles and papers on the Technique. We only list sites which are free to access.

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
The STAT website is building up an on-line library.

Alexander Technique International
The library contains about 60 articles about learning, applying and teaching the Alexander Technique. Back issues of ExChange are also available to download in pdf. > articles > exchange

Contains a bibliography of all books and journals on the Alexander Technique published in English. Contains 48 articles and letters to newspapers written by pupils of F. M. Alexander in the period 1923-1955. > library

Contains about 25 articles on the Alexander Technique and a variety of activities and subjects. > knowledgebase

The Performance School
The on-line library contains about 18 articles and papers. > library

The Alexander Center
This website has about 12 papers on or by John Dewey and the Alexander Technique. > John Dewey

Robert Rickover's Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
Contains many articles on the application of the Technique to various activities. > AT applications

Direction journal
11 articles from this journal for teachers are available on-line. > articles

The School for F.M. Alexander Studies
Some 15 articles on various subjects. > About the AT > interesting articles

Hilary King
12 articles on a variety of subjects. > Articles & Notes

Suggest other resources
To suggest other resources of relevance please email the archivist. Any on-line articles resource should contain at least 10 articles of interest to the general public.

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